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Resveratrol Supplements


Resveratrol is a popular health supplement that some believe has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, and even lifespan extending properties. This supplement has been wildly popular since Oprah and Dr. Oz touted its benefits, despite mixed results in scientific studies intending to study its potential benefits.

Resveratrol is found in certain plant-based foods, including red grapes (and wine), cocoa (chocolate), blueberries, and peanuts. For example, red wine contains between 0.24 and 1.25 milligrams per cup, while peanuts contain 0.01 to 1.28 milligrams per cup, and cocoa powder between 0.28 to 0.46 milligrams per cup.

Even these foods must be eaten in large quantities to get any significant quantity of Resveratrol. As a result, nutritional supplements containing Resveratrol have become popular. Most contain extracts of Japanese knotweed, which contains a relatively high concentration of Resveratrol. They are advertised as having a range of health benefits, including having anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-aging properties.

Should you be taking Resveratrol supplements? This decision should be made through consultation with your doctor. Most doctors agree that it's not necessary to take Resveratrol supplements, because there has been no conclusive scientific proof of the value of consuming Resveratrol in the high concentration offered by a supplement. However, others recommend this supplement based on studies that have shown it may have potential health benefits, and they remain popular with many people who say they have noticed positive effects after taking the supplement.

Some people who cannot consume foods high in Resveratrol (such as peanut butter or red wine) because of a food allergy or food sensitivity have asked whether they should be taking a nutritional supplement. Because there are many foods offering trace amounts of Resveratrol, most doctors recommend that such a supplement may not be necessary, regardless of your ability to consume specific foods that contain Resveratrol.

By MikeAndreson on Tue, 04-02-13, 11:52

The study proves that the Resveratrol is helpful for anti-cancer and other deficiencies. The use of Resveratrol is depends on what type of issue you have. It is somewhat herbal made supplement so it has very less side effects. It could look like an extremely enjoyable method to prevent heart disease by eating dark wine but avoidance of heart disease is just among the several protecting functions that resveratrol performs.

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